Lilika Kairos is a Brujah who was involved in the foundation of the Camarilla, and one of the first of it's Original Archons (by that time she was spontaneously Blood bounded to her fellow Federico DiPadua).


A Greek merchant, Lilika defied convention by gaining a scholarly education. Lilika moved to Florence and married an Italian merchant at a young age, with whom she anticipated a life as a devoted wife and mother. When she miscarried her first child, it became clear that Lilika could bear no more children unless she wished to face death in doing so.

Accordingly, she instead helped her husband in his business until his death due to plague. As a young widow, she turned the running of the business over to a proxy and used her knowledge to search out texts and relics of interest to the Church. While on one such expedition, Lilika encountered Cainites for the first time.

Embraced by a cruel Brujah as the expedient solution to a problem, she was thrown to those who hunted her sire on the first night of her unlife. She had never forgotten how she felt when so cruelly used and  determined  she  would  never  be  helpless  again.  While  her  Brujah  blood  called  to  the  rebel  within  her,  she  sought  to  work  for  moderate change rather than outright rebellion or destructive anarchy.

To this end, she invested herself into the nascent Camarilla as one of the first Archons. She participated at the Convention of Thorns as a bodyguard of the Founders.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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