The Licinii are a bloodline of Kindred dating back to ancient Rome. They claim to be a bloodline of the Julii clan, but this is doubted by many.

Licina Piso, the founder of the clan, was Embraced by a Nosferatu who was himself possessed by a Strix. As a result, the childer she sired possessed both Julii and Nosferatu characteristics: specifically, they suffer from shocking deformations of their limbs and a predisposition to losing Humanity. The Licinii, however, are largely unaware of their hybrid nature; most of them regard themselves as pure Julii who are under some sort of curse.

The Licinii thus struggle to "prove" their pedigree by imitating and even surpassing their cousins. They only Embrace aristocratic Roman citizens; they dress in the finest clothes and jewelry, cut to hid their twisted limbs; they dwell in the finest rooms of the Necropolis. Nevertheless, they remained a second-rate, outcast bloodline, as the Julii refuse to acknowledge them fully and they refuse to acknowledge any kinship to the pitiful Nosferatu.

The Licinii can be assumed to be extinct in modern nights, like the rest of the Julii. However, a Ventrue bloodline called the Licinii has been mentioned to exist;[1] it is unknown if they represent another set of pretenders to Julii blood or if the name is a coincidence.

References Edit

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Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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