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Libellus Sanguinis 2: Keepers of the Word is the second in a series of sourcebooks that details the clans of Vampire: The Dark Ages. Volume II covers the Toreador, Tremere, and Brujah.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Three More Gather in Darkness
The medieval Tremere have seized immortality for themselves, and are despised and hunted as a result. The Toreador dance to the music of prestige and slander in the courts and castles of Europe. The Brujah want to shatter the Long Night to avenge their shattered dream. All three are here. The undead secrets of the Dark Ages are laid bare before you.
Knowledge Has Always Been Power
How have the Tremere survived the onslaught of the vengeful Tzimisce? What reins of power do the foppish Toreador actually hold? And what vengeance do the Brujah plan in the name of slights perpetrated in centuries past? The answers to these age-old questions, and more, are here.



Book One: Artisans

Details on the Toreador, the structure of the Clan, the meaning of art in the Dark Medieval, the role of religion and chivalry, and the Courts of Love.

Book Two: Usurpers

Details about the Tremere, their struggles to become legitimate, the spread of the Clan across Europe, their internal organization, as well as the deviant Telyavelics.

Book Three: Zealots

Details about the Brujah, their pre-Carthaginian history, the role of philosophy within the Clan, its internal factions, as well as their current status in the Dark Medieval.

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