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Libellus Sanguinis: Masters of the State is the first in a series of sourcebooks that detail the clans of Vampire: The Dark Ages. Volume I covers the Tzimisce, Ventrue, and Lasombra.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Born to Rule
These lands are mine, childer; mine for as far as your Cainite eyes can see. Who defended them when the barbarian hordes clamored to the north? Who fought off the howling infidels to the east? Who put down countless insurrections, both of Cainite and kine contrivance? It was I, my sons and daughters. I, who gave myself wholly unto my lands and their people; for their people are my people. My service is both a privilege and a responsibility, childer – as I am a master of the state.
Reborn to the Night
Libellus Sanguinis I includes:


Introduction: How to Use this Book

Book One: Magisters - The Lasombra

Details on the Lasombra, the medieval structure of the Clan, their involvement in mortal politics, their relation to mortal faith and the practice of Obtenebration.

Book Two: Fiends - The Tzimisce

Details about the Tzimisce, the internal divisions of feuds of their number, their distinct culture, practices like Koldunic Sorcery, and their Revenant servants.

Book Three: Patricians - The Ventrue

Details about the Ventrue, their internal structure during the Dark Ages, their political influence, and their perceived duty to other Cainites.

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