Lian Ting, the Grace of the Lotus, is a member of the Akashic Brotherhood and resides in Hong Kong, China.

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Lian Ting grew up among the boat people of Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter in Kowloon, China. Her sister disappeared into the brothels of Hong Kong, sold by her father to a local Triad boss to pay off a debt. Lian would often have dreams of her sister crying out for her to help and urging her to "Wake Up!" On one such occasion she did just that and Awakened to the world around her.

One day another man came to Lian's house and negotiated with her father the sale of her services.  Her father immediately agreed. Lian tried to escape her "owner" certain that she would end up like her sister, but the task soon proved impossible. She would run as far and as fast as she could but never lose or outdistance him. Finally, she gave up and surrendered herself up for the inevitable.

It was then that her destiny was revealed. Her "owner" became her sifu and she was introduced to the Akashic Brotherhood. Lian gave herself whole heartily to the pursuit of perfection when she was made aware of her new purpose. Her Avatar was communicating to her as the dream-voice of her sister, as a way of reminding her to protect other children from those that would exploit them. Lian became a member of the Scales of the Dragon who specialize in the protection of women and children, especially girl children.

Lian typically dresses as a prostitute and seeks out the worst offenders and abusers and shows them the error of their ways – permanently. She has made enemies of several criminal groups, both Western and Eastern. She sees this as a symbol of her honor.

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Lian wears her long black hair tied out of the way when she is not "working" her self-appointed rounds. On the prowl, she dresses her part, but she prefers comfortable clothing at other times. Her face is expressive, though she often looks as though she is listening to something only she can hear

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