The Li Shen are a Court of the Hsien and protectors of the Elements. It is the most powerful of the Shinma Societies.

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Also called the Traditionalists, the Ceremony Gods or just the Fu, the Li Shen embrace Confucian values. They divide themselves into bureaucracies: The Shui Fu (Ministry of Water), Di Fu (Ministry of Earth), Tieh Fu (Ministry of Metals), Lin Fu (Ministry of Wood) and Hou Fu (Ministry of Fire.) The believe in the Tao Te Hsien but the emphasize the orderliness of nature and maintaining it, not enlightenment of the self. The protection of nature concerns them above all else and their numbers are almost entirely Kamuii.

Once the most powerful of the courts, the Ceremony Gods have lost touch with the other Shen and all too often look down their noses at them. Due to this prejudice, as well as all the in-fighting between ministries, they Fu no longer do their job as well as they could.

The Three Gorges Dam Project is their biggest failure. The Shui Fu is frantically trying to stop this juggernaut but the crisis makes them even more introspective and paranoid. They have vowed to unleash the Four Rivers Dragon if the government completes the dam and the other Hsien all fear this. If the dragon destroys the dam, much of central China will be flooded, killing millions. Some fear this may even herald the Sixth Age.

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  • Di Fu - Gorges, Mountains, Sacred Stones, Ravines, Quarries, etc...
  • Hou Fu - Volcanoes and other naturally occurring fire sources.
  • Lin Fu - Forests, Fields, Farms, Pastures, etc...
  • Shui Fu - Rivers, Lakes, Coasts, etc...
  • Tieh Fu - Mines, Sacred metal objects, Precious gems, etc...

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