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They call her a seer, prophet, or harbinger. But Leysha is more than the titles bestowed upon her. Caught in the middle of a web of complex relationships spinning around her, she wants nothing more than to protect her daughter, no matter the cost.

Leysha is a Malkavian who resides in Boston. She is one of the protagonists of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong, a video game based on Vampire: The Masquerade, developed by Big Bad Wolf and published by Bigben Interactive.


Leysha's past is largely an unknown, except the fact that she is from Lyon, France.

Leysha is a seeress who has a reputation within the Boston court for being able to see the future. She serves Prince Iversen in a special capacity due to her unique abilities. Because of her special status she has lived a more sheltered life compared to many other Boston Kindred.

Leysha's sire, Richard, and Prince Iversen have an ongoing rivalry about where Leysha's loyalties should be.

Leysha has a daughter, Halsey, who is also a vampire of the Malkavian clan. Halsey is the most important person in the world to Leysha and acts as her anchor to this world. The two are rarely seen separated.

In the modern nights Leysha is trying to recall her past, while continuing to serve the Prince.

Character sheet

Ambition: I need to decide whether forgiveness is a better course than vengeance.
Convictions: Always listen to Richard.
Touchstones: Halsey, Leysha’s child.
Humanity: 6
Generation: 12th
Blood Potency: 3




  • Boston by Night