Duke Leyden is an Unseelie Sidhe Grump of House Fiona in the Tuath of Iron in Caledonia.

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Duke Leyden's change from a Seelie wilder to an Unseelie grump caused less of a splash in the kingdom than expected. Long believed to be the kingmaker, the wits behind Ross' might and dash, Leyden and his fall is seen by envious sidhe courtiers as a reward for the Duke's passion for plots and political maneuvering. Courtiers from House Eiluned watch his movements with disguised admiration.

Leyden has gathered together a group of spies and assassins, named the Black Watch, in case he no longer feels that his old friend, Ross, is capable of ruling. He has also forged relationships with the Shadow's Market and the Ban-Durrag. Unfortunately he has lost control of his most influential spy, Gruach. Still, he waits in the darkness of his rath, contemplating his woes, and the good fortune of his best friend. One day his hate will finish eating his heart and he will strike. Till then, the Black Watch swells in the sunless places of the Tuath of Iron, pregnant with anticipation.

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Leyden is no longer young, but still is incredibly handsome. Tall and muscular, he stays in good shape for a man of his years. His close-cropped hair is an elegant silver, and his dark-blue eyes flash with wisdom and power. Leyden wears simple but elegant dress, usually black-linen tunics under an embroidered silk House Fiona surcoat.

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Leyden still possesses the passion and fervor of his house, but he keeps it under tight rein. He is very disappointed in Gruach, and if he could strike upon a plan that would leave him free from accusations, he would take action against her. For many years he upheld goodness and honor; now, it's time to enjoy how the other half lives.

Treasures Edit

Duke Leyden has two Treasures. The first is a small crystal decanter of blown glass, filled with an amber liquid. This liquor is the Elixir of Danu; warming and delicious to sip, the stuff acts as an incredibly powerful truth drug. The imbiber's Willpower drops one point per turn for 1-10 turns, though the victim may become aware of this with a successful Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 8). The problem is, the victim won't want to stop drinking the elixir until his glass is empty, nor will he recall the specific effects once they recover.

The second treasure is Claon, an ashwood longbow, a gift from a former Fianna lover in Ireland. Carved with knotwork, stags and lions, the bow is easy to pull yet allows a + 1 bonus to a Dexterity + Archery roll. However, the arrows it fires become invisible.

References Edit

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