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Les Invisibles is the name for wraiths of Creole descent that dwell primarily in the Mirrorlands - the Shadowlands reflection of the Caribbean and parts of North America.


Because of the influences of the ancestor worship practiced by their African descendants and the multiple beliefs practiced by the Creole, Les Invisibles have a unique world view and status compared to the other wraiths of the Western Hemisphere.

Like other wraiths, Les Invisibles view themselves as being of two sides; however, the gros-bon-ange, or soul, is seen as a whole and includes the Shadow. To Les Invisibles, the Shadow is an essential part of the soul, although one perhaps darker than Les Invisibles would care to be. The other part of the soul is the ti-bon-ange, or conscience, which separates and disappears when a person dies. It is the loss of the ti-bon-ange that drives some wraiths to their darker sides in death. Some especially well-balanced or virtuous Les Invisibles manage to hold on to this part of themselves, giving them a high rating in Eidolon.

The primary difference between Les Invisibles and the wraiths of Stygia is the close relationship between Les Invisibles and mortals (who call themselves Les Chevaux, the Horses). Les Chevaux consider any wraith who was once related to them to still be a part of the family; most of this affection is shown through offerings that create Pathos for the wraith. However, Les Invisibles have been known to call on their living family for favors, everything from fetching an item in the Skinlands to allowing themselves to be the target of a Skinride.

Some Les Invisibles have made pacts with Les Mystères, beings of great power that hide deep in the Abyss (the Tempest). In exchange for powers (such as Connaissance), these Les Invisibles become known as Loa, servants of Les Mysteres, and serve as the great beings' eyes and ears in the events of the living and dead worlds. In addition, a Mystere imprints their personality upon the part of the gros-bon-ange that would otherwise become the Shadow, transforming it into a Mait' Tete, a fusion of gros-bon-ange and Mystere. The transformation keeps a Mait' Tete from seeking the destruction of the gros-bon-ange, instead pursuing their own goals, which are still likely to be detrimental for the wraith and those around them.