Les Capots Bleus, or The Blue Hoods, were the second Sabbat coven established around modern-day Montreal, back when it was still a colony known as Ville-Marie in the 17th century.


This pack originated when the Sabbat dominated the settlers known as the capot bleus during the war the sect had started with the native Iroquois ( a powerful northeast Native American confederacy of tribes). They did it when the French military took action against the Native Americans, in order to misdirect the armies all over the New York countryside. It was only when the Sabbat began to use the French army against the natives that the Iroquois were defeated and, in 1667, a peace treaty was implemented.

Although now the Camarilla maintained a presence in Ville-Marie through the Old World military, the Sabbat was now two packs strong, with Les Acadiens and Les Capots Bleus. In the years that followed, the Capots Bleus continued to use their misdirection tactics, often conducting false flag operations by attacking their own countrymen and blaming it on the Iroquois - in one such attack, they wiped out over 24 settlers in a Blood Feast in the area of Lachine (it is said that body parts were left dangling from trees, and several adults were forced to gorge on human blood before being drained themselves). This period also saw the emergence of two new covens in the area: Les Misérables and the Shepherds of Caine.

It is unclear when Les Capots Bleus were disbanded, but after the British conquest of the French territories in the northern parts of the New World, they were never heard from again.


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