Les Acadiens, or The Acadians, were the first Sabbat coven established around modern-day Montreal, back when it was still a colony known as Ville-Marie. Their leader was the French Gangrel Louis Drapeau.


It is said that, no longer encumbered by Europe's Camarilla, these Sabbat acted on their predatory whims. They stole into native villages, skinned adults and fed on children. It didn't take long for the Iroquois to retaliate in significant numbers. The attack frightened the Sabbat because it happened during the day while they slept.

In the aftermath of the Indian attack, five of the Sabbat left the colony of Ville-Marie to stage a counterattack that would hopefully prevent the Iroquois from approaching the colony again, but their foe was prepared and the vampires were outnumbered and brutally slaughtered. Almost all Les Acadiens were dragged down and torn limb from limb, including their leader Louis Drapeau. The sole survivor was a Tzimisce Koldun named Connaught, accompanied by his Bratovitch servants.

When Sabbat reinforcements arrived, even Connaught's ghouls had been slain, as he sacrificed them to buy himself time. The newly arrived Cainites took their fallen comrades' places in Ville-Marie and perpetuated the name of Les Acadiens, with Connaught as their Pack priest. And although the Iroquois' aggression continued well after 1666, with attacks on colonists and native tribes allied with the French, it was the Sabbat - disguised as natives - who were responsible for a great deal of the brutality inflicted on their own countrymen. The ongoing war with the Iroquois was hurting the Sabbat as well back then, and it gave birth to a ledger called Liber Defuctorum.


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