Leopold von Murnau, also known as Leopold II, was the first Inquisitor of the House of Murnau, and founder of the Society of Leopold .


Leopold II was son of Leopold the Bear. His brothers were Frederick, the Count of Murnau, and the ill-fated twins Weyland and Wilhelm. His sisters were Franziska and Agathe.

From young age Leopold manifested the Curse that afflicted his family, for all of the von Murnau that descended from the direct male line of Christof von Murnau, legitimate or otherwise, bear a "Curse" without fail. The most common manifestation almost resembles a kind of allergic reaction. The young von Murnau literally manifests a physical symptomatic response to the presence of supernatural forces, wheezing, developing hives or rashes, swollen eyes, and the like.

The viciousness of its effects on Leopold's developing body rendered him sickly for much of his childhood. But he overcame that condition and became the first Inquisitor of the House of Murnau and was granted special dispensation by Pope Gregory IX in 1231 to combat supernatural evil, creating the Society of Leopold in the process.

Under Leopold's guidance, the society grew, encountering several strange supernatural creatures that abused and toyed with humanity for their own amusement. Much of his Testament deals with his observations and beliefs concerning the undead. Furthermore, Leopold was killed while fighting one such creature.

The Testament of LeopoldEdit

And the angel spoke unto me, in a strong voice, crying, "Many are the children of the Dragon, the Serpent, the great Satan, and they are among you now. I tell you, Servants of Christ, that the Parousia is near, that the Second Coming cometh soon. Stronger still grow the children of the Dragon, and they multiply, and they are a wound unto the earth. And we are the balm for this wound, we must cleanse it with fire, and purify it, and then the earth shall be ready for the Parousia, and we shall be judged worthy"[1]

The Keys of LeopoldEdit

Three splinters of bone, believed to belong to Leopold of Murnau have became a relic to the Inquisition. They were worked into a set of heavy jailer's keys kept on a thick iron ring. When the holder touches the keys to a supernatural creature, he makes a Wits + Conscience roll (the difficulty is the target's permanent Willpower). Each success is one turn in which the target creature is completely immobile and drain 1 Willpower point. The keys must remain together to work.


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