Leonidas Lingas, born in Mississauga, Ontario in 1973, escaped a suburban existence at an early age moving into the city of Toronto and becoming a native of that northerly polis. His name was subsequently shortened to Leo due to the inability of English speakers to pronounce his name, something that has now changed due to the release of the popular film 300. While not related to the famed and doomed Spartan general, Leo has existed in a perpetual state of conflict between the culture of his ancestry and that of his adopted home in Canada. The juxtaposition of the two cultures, both so pervasive and visually oriented propelled Leo into a career in the arts. Classic ideals have mixed with pop culture to create a blend of imagery not known anywhere else. Leo currently lives and works as an illustrator in Toronto, Canada. He shares his life with his wife Sarah and his daughters Demitra and Eleni.

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