Leila Veil-Shredder is a rank 5 homid Ragabash Glass Walker, though she is presumed to be a metis, as she is severely sensitive to sunlight. She is an athletic Arab woman in her late 30s, with jet black hair that shows no gray that she keeps cut short. She has intense brown eyes and an intense unwavering gaze that makes people feel uncomfortable. She wears expensive business suits and absolutely refuses to wear a dress. She built her fortune from the ground up, and is Vice President of International Affairs of the Middle Eastern branch of a international medical supplies company. She is outspoken on women's issues and suspicious of men. She was the leader of a recently disbanded pack that struck a victory against Magadon Pharmaceuticals in Sudan, which caused trouble for Magadon around the world, and gave her and her comrades a reputation as successful monkeywrenchers. She is the Sept Leader of the Caern of the Solar Barque. She is rarely seen during the day, claiming that her job requires extensive travel. She is rumored to take men to her bed and exhaust them completely.

The fact that she, a (presumed) metis and a woman managed to assume virtual command of both a corporation and her tribe impresses the Shadow Lords [1] Her lack of metis gifts and the fact that she is rarely seen during the day leads some Garou to wonder if she is servant of the Wyrm or even an Abomination. The truth is that she was born Leila El-Sabeei, the daughter of a male Glass Walker and a human Kinfolk, and psychologically abused by her mother. At age thirteen, she was taken to undergo female genital mutilation, and she underwent her First Change, killing everyone present, including her mother. After the change, she was discovered by the Glass Walkers and spirited out of Egypt and into Greece . At age 18, she visited a Black Fury caern in Miria, which planted within her the desire to open a caern in Egypt.

The truth of the matter is that her desire to learn the Rite of Caern Building has less to do with serving Gaia and more to do with her own sense of self-worth. She has little real understanding of Muslim culture due to her twisted upbringing, and passionately loathes the Muslim custom of veiling women. In her heart, she wavers between extreme self-doubt and a passion for vengeance against a chauvinistic culture. She seduces men by invoking Animal Attraction on them, and if she meets one who is chauvinistic or hurtful to her, he will likely never see the light of day again.[2]



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