Name: Leif Jones
Gender: Male
Artistic Signature: Leif Jones signature

Leif Jones is credited in the World of Darkness as the author of Conversational Japanese Volume 2: Words, Customs and Concepts. (There is a picture on page 120 of the Kindred of the East Companion depicting a gweilo (foreigner to the East) reading it.)

Leif is incapable of drawing proper human heads, they all look like crumbling rotted potatoes or someone took a normal person and beat them around the head with a baseball bat.

Leif's works are credited in-character to Kostbaar in Trinity.

See his artwork for the White Wolf Publishing and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.

Credits Edit

Leif's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:

Additional Concepts and Visual Contributor Edit

Art, Cover Edit

Art, Interior Edit

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