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The Legions are almost universally beloved throughout settled space. They're the heroes in blue, the first of the eight Psi Orders to reveal themselves to the public of the Trinity era, defending the Sydney spaceport from Aberrant attack. As with the other psi orders, the Legions were founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — in this case, General Solveig Larssen.

Members of the Legions are often referred to as psychokinetics (after their Aptitude), PKs (slang for psychokinetic), Legionnaires, or war dogs.

Headquartered in no particular city, Australia is the Legions' home geographical area. The Order's Prometheus Chamber triggers latents to the psychokinesis Aptitude.


Early Years

Recent History

The Future


The order fashions itself on military lines. It's divided into seven Legions, each with a different military focus and organization.

  • The First Legion (The Home Guard) protects Australia itself. With their sky-blue jumpsuits, they're the first thing most people think of when they think of Legionnaires. Commander: Field Marshall Marilyn Jabe.
  • The Second Legion (Fortune's Knights) are soldiers of fortune, doing dangerous jobs for the highest bidder. Commander: Brigadier General Garrett "Gar" Banion.
  • The Third Legion (Support Force One) are mostly non-psychokinetic psions or neutrals, providing logistical support, latent testing, transportation, and so on. Commander: Admiral Scott Henrickson
  • The Fourth Legion (Vengeance) are largely where sociopathic Aberrant haters get dumped (or "assigned") in order to focus their hatred and largely keep out of the way of the other Legions. Commander: Colonel Agrah Shahim.
  • The Fifth Legion (The Americas) defend the Americas from themselves, as they're the geographical region most sorely in need of protection. Commander: Commandant Iago Salera
  • The Sixth Legion (Europe) largely patrol the shattered wastelands of Europe with mobile command units. Commander: Gianetta Mossalo
  • The Seventh Legion (Phoenix Squadron) was established after the Chromatic raid on the Karroo Mining Colony in 2113. It protects human colonies and settled space. Commander: Shogun Auji Toshiro

Trinity Psi Orders

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