Legend is the 6th and highest rank a werewolf may attain within the hierarchy of the Garou Nation.


Truly exceptional garou beyond Rank Five exist. These legends are given special rewards for their courage and service to Gaia, and their names are spoken with the same reverence that we have for Hercules, Miyamoto Musashi, and Joan of Arc.

However, such advancement is beyond the mere acquisition of Renown. Legends are part of an exclusive group, and to qualify, a prospective Elder garou must distinguish herself in an extraordinary fashion more than once. The attainment of the Legend Rank has nothing whatsoever to do with rules — it’s purely a matter of personal judgment on your part, and if there’s any doubt in your mind whether or not she has surpassed the mighty deeds of even the greatest of Elders, she hasn’t. Only when there’s absolutely no question of the individual’s legendary status the Garou Nation would consider letting her strive for this rank.

When an Elder’s reputation spreads so far throughout the Garou Nation that it reaches the ears of existing Legends, one member takes it upon himself to travel to the caern of the Elder in question and investigate her worthiness. Once he has satisfied himself as to the candidate’s worthiness (or unworthiness), he contacts three other Legends to present his case. If he convinced them that the candidate is truly worthy, all four Legends arrive at the caern of the candidate and challenge the subject.

If the candidate succeeds, she undergoes a special version of the Rite of Accomplishment performed in tandem by the Legends along with the Master of the Rite of the candidate’s caern (as a courtesy).


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