Leander is a legendary Troll and the first Chronicler of the Kith, having written The Chronicles of Leander.

Overview Edit

As recorded in A Sequential History of the Kithain by Sir Grayson, the recorded history of trolls begins with Leander, a figure not unlike Homer in his importance. There are, however, a rare few who claim to possess distinct memories of him. According to all accounts, he was not a tall troll, though he made up in girth what he lacked in height. All agree that he was a well-scarred grump, though no one can remember him as a youth or even stories of such. Similarly, there are no memories or records of his death, and 'Leander Sightings' are almost as popular among trolls as the sightings of Elvis at gas stations and superstores among mortals. The earliest copies of his song date from the late Bronze Age. Curiously, the majority of versions do not concern themselves with the alleged war among the Tuatha de Danaan. The only record of this war exists in the annals of the sidhe. More venturesome troll scholars suggest that this is merely an attempt by the sidhe to justify their warring ways, but such ideas are not among the mainstream.

References Edit

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