Lazlo Varga is a cult leader based in Gary, Indiana.


Varga emigrated from Hungary in his early 20s. He spoke no English, and he was offended
and appalled at how Americans treated him — they saw him as stupid, lazy, and untrustworthy simply because he did not speak their language. He learned quickly how to communicate, but he never really accepted his new country. In his homeland, Lazlo was intelligent, erudite, and well-read. Always interested in the occult, he tracked down a secret society of spiritualists and mediums in Detroit. But they, like many Americans, did not even attempt to listen to what he had to say (though they did accept his money for membership). One night, for reasons Lazlo still does not understand, someone fired a gun into the society’s meeting house. He was hit and died en route to the hospital. But in the morgue that night, he sat up. One of the rituals he had performed faithfully every morning had worked — he had become a walking corpse. His body heals most wounds in mere minutes, and he found he did not feel pain, fatigue, or hunger. He stole everything of value from the spiritualists’ headquarters, and founded his own cult — a cult that would accept him, listen to him and, if necessary, die for him.


Lazlo is a muscular, solidly built man in his late 40s. He shaves his head and wears a full beard, and he wears an iron pendant around his neck that he makes a great show of polishing and cleaning (this is a decoy, meant to fool attackers). Lazlo usually has charcoal under his fingernails and ink stains on
his hands from his daily rituals. He dresses in simple clothing and expensive, sturdy boots. He speaks with a thick Hungarian accent.


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