Layla is a Seelie Eshu Childling and best friend of Princess Aliera of the Duchy of Goldengate.

Overview Edit


Layla is as quiet as her best friend, Princess Aliera, is noisy. She willingly participates in her friends games and japes, enjoying the fun as much as the princess does. She is capable, however, of summoning the serious face which older kithain expect to see on someone caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and has saved herself and her companion from censure, or at least embarrassment, dozens of times.

She is incredibly knowledgeable about the layout of Duke Aeon's palace; aware of every hidey-hole and secret passage and has shown most of these to Aliera. (She holds a few back just in case.) Layla is a fearless fighter when the situation demands it and has shown potential with the Arts. The princess has demanded that her friend be allowed to sit in on her specialized tutoring and Aeron relented rather than expend effort on the issue and so the young Elegbara is receiving an education worthy of a duchess.

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Slender and serious, Layla has a smile that lives in her eyes. She is relatively dark-skinned and has long hair that she ties with colored ribbons. She wears plain dresses of cream or yellow, though her best friend constantly gives her jewelry to wear. She has the grace of a dancer and can wriggle into hiding places that even the smaller Aliera finds a tight squeeze.

Personal Edit

Layla is quiet, preferring to let actions speak louder than words. When it's time to summon words, she is surpassingly eloquent, and both she and Aliera know that it's her talents that have allowed the pair of them to escape from innumerable scrapes. Aliera is her best friend, and Layla will do just about anything for her, no matter how harebrained the scheme. Layla makes friends with difficulty, but one she has decided that she likes somebody, she decides to like them for life.

Chimerical Companions Edit

Layla has made friends with the Monster Under the Bed. It's a small monster, looking more like a second tier muppet than anything else, and its afraid of both lights and loud noises. Still, it's orange, fuzzy, and cute, and Layla loves it.

References Edit

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