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Laws of the Resurrection is a Mind's Eye Theater version of Mummy: The Resurrection.


We are the Immortal. We are the Undying

Once the world was in balance between the material and spirit. Then Set's jealousy threw all into chaos with the murder of Osiris. But Osiris returned to the world and brought with him the secret of immortality. Now his children, blessed by his gift, stand against the chaos and corruption that Set has wrought. The time to act is now.

We Are the Hands of the Gods

Laws of the Resurrection covers all the material you need to create, play and narrate the Amenti, immortal mummies of Egypt. Within lie secrets as old as the pyramids, from the mystical paths of magic to the roads of the Underworld. Behold a world of spirits and gods as old and secret as the very sands of Egypt.


Prelude: Daughter of the Nile

Chapter One: Introduction and Setting

The introduction to Mind's Eye Theatre, the World of Darkness and the world that the Reborn inhabit.

Chapter Two: The Amenti

Describes the various mummies based on the piece of soul that joins with their own.

Chapter Three: Character Creation

All the things you need to create a character and start playing.

Chapter Four: Hekau

These are the mystical powers of ancient Egypt that the Reborn wield against their enemies.

Chapter Five: Rules, Systems and Drama

All the necessary rules and details to run the game.

Chapter Six: Storytelling

Whether you're a veteran Storyteller or have picked it up for the first time, this chapter will show you the ropes.

Chapter Seven: Allies and Antagonists

Mummies aren't the only strange things in the nighted world.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes


  • Sherry, "Tia bint-Sef" - Mummy
  • Shadar - Mesketet
  • Intisar - Amkhat cannibal cultist
  • Edward - Arcanum scholar
  • Beth - Khri-habi
  • Kalem - Amkhat cultist


Amenti, Hekau, Spell of Life. Set (VTM), Osiris (WOD)

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