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Written By: Peter Woodworth
World of Darkness Created by: Mark Rein-Hagen
Developed by: Cynthia Summers, with Alyson Gaul
Editor: Jasmine Milberger
Art Direction: Aaron Voss
Layout and Typesetting: Mike Chaney
Photographs by: Laura Robles
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: January 6, 2003
Pages: 328
Year: 2003
Publication #: WW5037
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-515-2
Price: $19.95 retail / $9.99 PDF / $19.99 POD
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Laws of the Reckoning is a Mind's Eye Theatre version of Hunter: The Reckoning.


Ignorance Is Bliss
Most people go through life on a daily, endless round of chores and tasks - paying bills, going to school, working a job, raising a family. Many live their lives in ignorance of the danger that passes them on the street or lives in the mansion on the hill, walking through a bright blindness all their lives. Some, however have their blindfolds ripped off, and the truth laid in front of them: monsters walk the world. Mundane concerns are swept away - there is no choice but to act.
The Duty That Cannot Be Ignored
Laws of the Reckoning contains all the material that players and Storytellers need for creating, playing and Storytelling those mortals who have become imbued. From creating preludes, to the hunter classes, to Abilities and Attributes, to the power of the Edges, and Storytelling, this book has it all. All that remains is the choice - take up the good fight, or stand on the sidelines. There is no returning to ignorance.


Prelude: A Doll's HouseEdit

Chapter One: Introduction and SettingEdit

Chapter Two: The CreedsEdit

Chapter Three: Character CreationEdit

Chapter Four: EdgesEdit

Chapter Five: Rules, Systems and DramaEdit

Chapter Six: StorytellingEdit

Chapter Seven: BystandersEdit

Background InformationEdit

A text box on page 15 explains the distinction between this book and Laws of the Hunt, and the different in general between the Imbued and other hunters.

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Imbued, Edges, Creed, Bystander, Messenger (HTR)

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