Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide is a supplement to Laws of the Night Revised Edition with more detail on the Sabbat tailored to LARP players.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Some claim the Final Nights, told of in hoary prophecies and dread-filled whispers, have finally come to pass. The signs and portents are loosed upon the land. And with them, the Sabbat wages its bloodiest assaults upon the Camarilla. Are they simply monsters who revel in the fear and violence of the night? Or do their monstrous ways hide something far deeper and far more sinister?
No Mercy, No Surrender, No Exception
The Sabbat Guide reveals the Kindred's most brutal sect in all its terrible glory. Here is updated information regarding the group's fortune in the Final Nights. Here is new information for creating Sabbat characters and about the sect's innermost workings. Here Storytellers may find new material about the war machine against the Antediluvians, and how to create stories beyond nightly sieges.


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