Laws of the Night is a supplement for Mind's Eye Theatre that discusses how to play and storytell for Anarchs from Vampire: The Masquerade.


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Wealth, Power, Immortality, Control
They have Traditions, blood bonds, scourges, and influence at every level of society. They have Vaulderie, packs, templars and the loyalty of thousands. They have it all, and for centuries they've used it to keep individual vampires from ever tasting true freedom. But cracks have formed in the great facade. Wolves wait at the door. No longer can the elders of either sect abuse those beneath them at will. The time for revolution is at hand!
Nothing Lasts Forever
The Anarch Guide reveals the inner workings of vampire society – as well as how to tear it apart. Here are all the new Traits and reference materials you need to play anarch characters of any clan and sect, from the ranting iconoclasts rioting in the streets to subtle manipulators working within the system. Read on, and learn how to shake the foundation of vampire society!


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Anarch Free State, Anarch Revolt, Convention of Thorns, Status Perfectus

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