Laws of the Hunt: Players Guide is sourcebook for Mind's Eye Theater following up on Laws of the Hunt.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Not everything that hunts the night has fangs. Some stalk its denizens for their own strange purposes. Some seek truth, and woe to anyone who gets in their way. Some are just looking to stay out of the way. And some think they have enough guts to seize a little of the night for themselves. They'd best hope they can, before they're eaten alive....
And They're Watching You
Laws of the Hunt Players Guide is the follow up to The Laws of the Hunt and is chock-full of new and exciting tools. Here are new societies, hedge paths and complete character creation for those with sorcerous inclinations. Also included are rules for the terrifying Dauntain, the hunters of the fae and stalkers of dreams. Lastly, new rules for the Reborn, the mummies, who walk the roads between the lands of the dead and the living.



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