Laws of the East is a version of Kindred of the East adapted for Mind's Eye Theatre.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
For centuries, Asia has defied Kindred attempts at incursion, a mighty jade monolith, from high-tech Tokyo to the jungles of the Pacific Islands. Those of Caine's brood who manage to survive there whisper tales beyond belief. But a new age rises, one of great darkness, when a demon lord shall claim the throne of Heaven. The sleeping dragons awake.
May You Live in Interesting Times
Laws of the East is a complete rulebook for creating and playing Kuei-jin, the mysterious vampires of Asia, in Mind's Eye Theatre. You get new Disciplines, dharmas and character types - all completely different from those of Western Kindred. Storytellers also receive information on the particular needs of a Middle-Kingdom chronicle, from dreams and omens to Kuei-jin spirit worlds.


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