The "Loyalist" Assamites do not, as a clan, adhere to the Traditions of the Camarilla. Instead, they follow the commands of Haqim himself, the laws he set down for his childer. The original Enochian copies of the Laws still stand in Alamut and are the most important treasure of the clan. The Laws are universally held by all Assamites regardless of Caste and faction or political orientation (except for the antitribu), although the interpretation varies. Many tenets of the Laws are also mirrored in the Path of Blood.

The LawsEdit

  • Law of Leadership - Honor the Eldest among you, for he is to rule my House when I am absent.
  • Law of Protection – Ward the mortals from Caine's descendants and treat them with honor in all things.
  • Law of Destruction – Slay not those of the Blood, for that judgment is for the Eldest alone.
  • Law of the Word – Deceive not those of the Blood, for my House is founded on Truth.
  • Law of Judgment – Judge those of Caine's blood and punish them should they be found wanting.


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