Laws of Elysium is a sourcebook for Classic Mind's Eye Theatre containing rules and advice on role-playing elder vampires.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Age, Treachery, and Master-Cass Disciplines...
Let the childer of the 20th Century swagger with their petty games and parlor tricks. The true power belongs to those who have seen centuries go past, not these spoiled brats. So take up the Mantle of Millennia. Show that you belong with the masters of the night, not the children..
Because if you're not ready someone else will be.
...Make for One Hell of a Character
Laws of Elysium gives you everything you need to play an elder character in Mind's Eye Theatre. From tips on roleplaying to the new powers belonging only to the ancients to help for storytellers who want to integrate old and powerful characters into their games, Laws of Elysium has everything you need to make your chronicle... one for the ages.
Not Recommended for Mere Children of the Night


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