A Lava Hag is a type of Nervosa found in the South Pacific, particularly in Hawaii.

Overview Edit

Lava Hag

Lava Hags plague the nights of many children living in the housing developments near lava flows. After investigating these creatures, a local satyr came to the conclusion that they began as a sick practical joke played by native children against newcomers in the housing developments. These children, with the typical cruelty of the young towards new kids, play off the new kids' fears of lava, earthquakes, and Pele, who is portrayed in common literature and tales as an evil hag goddess. The result is the Lava Hags, witches who live in the lava cones and who come out at night seeking children to sacrifice to Pele. They send lava toward children's houses, for when the lava consumes a house, it takes the souls of the residents also.

It is said that they live in both active and dormant lava cones, and anyone walking across thin lava who falls into such a cone will be hunted down by the hag. The petroglyphs often found at dormant cones are said to be theirs, but this is untrue.

Image Edit

Lava Hags look like fat old ladies wearing only grass dresses and rotting leis. Their cackling is the deep rumbling of the earth, and smoke comes from their mouths when the laugh. They have sharp claws ("a'a hands") and can spit pools of lava. However, they move slowly, like lava flowing down a mountain.

Powers Edit

  • Lava Spit: The hag can spit a hunk of burning lava at her target. She spends one Glamour point and rolls Dexterity + Spitting (difficulty 6). If successful, the target is hit with this hot, molten spray. It is difficulty 7 to resist being damaged, and it causes one Health Level per turn. It will burn for three turns unless the character can wipe it off before that (touching it with bear hands inflicts twice the normal damage).

References Edit

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