Laurel is a Seelie Sidhe of House Fiona, presumably a Wilder, and Queen of the Kingdom of Northern Ice.

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Queen Laurel is easily the most passionate and tempestuous of Concordia's monarchs. She is loving and nurturing one moment, then cold and aloof, then fiery and resolute. All these personality changes are made well within the confines of a strong Seelie persona, however,

Laurel is, perhaps, Concordia's most potent monarch. She is both brilliant and inspired in her leadership; she also has the distinction of being the most accomplished of sorceresses among Concordia's first tier leadership. Even High King David exercises little control over her. Speculation about her is a favorite pastime among the fae of Concordia. Her roller-coaster love affair/arranged marriage with the Shadow Court lord, Duke Rococo, is of special interest. Anyone who believes that this affair presages imminent Shadow Court control of her kingdom is in for a surprise. If anything, Duke Rococo will be the one who converts. Queen Laurel is no one's tool. She is considered a singer of near-legendary talent among the sidhe (a high honor indeed). She is a grand diva and part owner of a major Canadian metropolitan opera company.

References Edit

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