latent: potentially existing but not presently evident or realized

A latent is a normal human that shows some evidence of noetic ability, but not enough to be considered a full psych or psion. They can be detected by psions using Attunement. Only latents are selected for immersion in an order's Prometheus Chamber.

Depending on the strength of latency, a latent may show proclivity to one or more different Aptitudes. The most common latency is that for psychokinesis, while the more rare are those for quantakinesis and teleportation.

Orders find these latents particularly desirable, as (for example) a latent geared towards vitakinesis will show greater potential if he is triggered as a vitakinetic. If this vitakinetic individual is found by Orgotek, and the latent in question wants to work for Orgotek, they may engage in "horse trading" through the Æon Trinity. The latent will get sent to the Æsculapian Order for triggering and training, and then returned to Orgotek.

However, orders are generally happy to accept anyone, and will sacrifice some potential skill in return for gaining an additional psion. So the tendency one shows as a latent may not always dictate how one gets triggered.

If triggered to a different Aptitude, however, some rare latents will continue to manifest their "specialty" as an Auxiliary Mode. If our theoretical vitakinetic latent above gets triggered by Orgotek, she will be a perfectly valid electrokinetic, but may manifest one or more vitakinesis Modes as Auxiliary Modes.

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