The last round

I recommend speaking with anarchs. You can find most of them at the local watering hole, reveling in the vices of their former lives.

The Last Round is a bar in Downtown Los Angeles, which appears in the game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It is known as the central gathering of the local free living vampires (Anarchs). Whether you seek the truth, hearsay or recent developments this bar holds all three. Offering as a safe haven where ideas and conversation are freely expressed without fear of Camarilla casting its shadow. Among the commonplace customers, Damsel, Nines Rodriguez and Skelter can be found holding up the walls.


The place was originally known as the Exhaust Pipe. The Exhaust Pipe sign can be seen from the abandoned building if the player noclips to the building. The material file is called sign/expipe, hence the map's filename, la_expipe_1.

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