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Last Dynasty International (LDI) is a corporation dedicated to utilizing Sekhem for everyday uses. To this end, they pursue the secrets of the Arisen and experiment in the creation of Amkhata.


Purity Holds a Righteous Arm Over Hubris
  —  Corporate motto

Last Dynasty International began in 1805 in Egypt, founded by a small cabal of British gentlemen who backed the rise of the Khedival Dynasty. One of the gentlemen was part of Cult that had lost its Arisen master and instead turned to the worship of Amkhata. Both sides worked well together: The British offered the cult influence in the new government and trade connections, while they learned occult secrets not meant for mortal men. During the Great War, however, the group splintered and only came together in 1942, when a british tank commander learned of a group that used similar secret countersigns like a hidden fraternity he joined back in university. Deciding that the capitalistic corporate system would grant them the protection they needed, he brought the branches back together, incorporated as Last Dynasty International in Hong Kong, transitioning into pharmaceuticals during the 1970s and staying hidden from greater surveillance.

The modern corporation has its headquarters in Switzerland, while its research facilities are stationed in the United States. While most of their products are mundane, some are infused with Sekhem harvested from captured Arisen or stolen Vessels. LDI experiments to use Sekhem to (up to date) cure diseases like HIV, treat mental illnesses like PTSD, cell-treatments to prevent the fallibilities of old age to take hold and steroids without nasty side-effects. There is no hidden agenda behind this aim, indeed, the corporation is in great worry about the future of the human race if things continue as they do, and seek to contribute to avert this cause. Other groups under their control are the Killwarden Memorial Conversation Fund, which seeks to preservate endangered species of canid, avian, bovine, feline and ophidian species, whose dead specimen are then used to gather the raw materials for new Amkhata. Groups like the Malevolists (who believe that the mystical potency of an animal is strengthened the less of it are alive) and the Originists (who believe that the mystical potency is tied to its genetical closeness to the animals that lived during the age of Irem) study the animals for further uses. Other branches of LDI are their own infrastructure system, with several trucks that connect the various greenhouses and research facilities of LDI and enable a quick transport of their wares around the country.