The Latin word for wicked dead in the Afterlife of Roman mythology has been co-opted by the Kindred many times over the centuries, but in Modern Nights it often refers to the savage, mindless vampires spawned by an incomplete Embrace.

Many horror stories are widely whispered to misbehaving childer, but some of the most terrifying concern the many ways the transformation into one of the Kindred can fail. Some of these tales involve either Draugr spawning hoards of animalistic bestial spawn, or of a weak willed or hesitant neonate who attempted to Embrace a childer, only to have their beloved victim turn on them like a brutish, hungry thing. How much more chilling than the rumors is finding first hand how dangerous the truth is, or how the creatures can be emboldened by numbers like no true Kindred can, a pack completely overwhelming the Predator's Taint of their elders. Some even speak of unknown Neonates found, marked by the stigma of a diabolist, with no memory of a Sire, or much of their mortal life...only the taste of Vitae on their lips and the dreamlike memory of the hunt, and the kill.

Rules for creating larvae, and the various ways a draugr (or a vampire with few scruples) can attempt to control them, are found in Night Horrors: The Wicked Dead.

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