For the draugr-like vampires, see Larvae (Zero Blood Potency).

The Larvae were a bloodline of the Gangrel active in the age of Roman Antiquity. Criminal mercenaries, the Larvae hired themselves at a premium, mercilessly killing their targets, living or otherwise, in the most painful and humiliating manner the Larvae conceived. They were, as their name suggests, the "malicious dead."

It is not known if any of their numbers survived into the 21th century.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The line was founded by a conquered barbarian Gangrel named Godaric, known to the vampires of Rome as Godaric Ferratus. A crude, vicious warrior, he was brought to Rome in chains after members of the Legio Mortuum tracked him down and ended a series personal attacks on mortal legionnaires in Germania Inferior. Godaric was displayed in a punishing arena of Necropolis and subjected to a long program of abuse for the entertainment of the civilized Kindred of Rome. One night, an assembly of the Peregrine Collegia purchased Godaric's freedom from the Senex, trading their territory and support in the Forum in exchange. Paying his liberators no thanks or respect, Godaric left the city without a word.

Somewhere out in the Roman territories, he Embraced two mortal soldiers who had abandoned their legion, teaching them his ways and language. Years later, they took childer of their own, and assembled a fighting unit. They returned to Rome and murdered the Kindred soldiers who had first captured Godaric, then the officials of the Senex who sentenced him and then the prominent members of the Peregrine Collegia who freed him. Godaric was beholden to no vampire, they said, and bent the knee to no sentence. They were hunted down. When the Legio Mortuum finally confronted them in a dark tunnel of Necropolis, the battle was shockingly fierce and short. The legionnaires were destroyed, and the Larvae vanished into the lower levels of the undead city.

In order to survive, the Larvae offered their services to the lowest scum of the Peregrine Collegia (and members of higher station that were willing to come down into the sewers) in exchange for gold, blood and information.

Weakness[edit | edit source]

All Larvae suffer the weakness of clan Gangrel. In addition, Larvae are violent, crude creatures, and they have little capacity for mercy or moderation. Once a member of the bloodline enters into combat, even if it's just a friendly sparring match, he feels the urge to frenzy and kill his opponent, suffering a -2 dice penalty on the roll to resist this deadly rage.

References[edit | edit source]

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