Larth Fulumchva, now known erroneously as Nesna Nethshrac, was an Etruscan priest and necromancer who succeeded in becoming a liche in the fourth century BCE. Just before the Roman army conquered his home city of Tarquinia (Tarchna), Larth was captured by the Cult of Mercury and magically bound in an underground tomb. For nearly two and a half thousand years, he stewed over the conquest of his city and his burning desire for revenge.

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Larth was born during Etruria's final golden age, and his oracular powers and grasp of Awakened magic rapidly propelled him to the higher echelons of the priesthood. As he watched the power of Rome grow, he became increasingly fearful of what would happen to Tarchna when he was no longer there to offer his guidance. Thus he transformed himself into a liche, imagining himself as Tarchna's eternal protector. However, the Romans recognized the threat Larth posed, and a group of soldiers and mages from the Cult of Mercury were sent to trap him in his tomb and bind him with powerful magic.

In February 2003, Larth's tomb was uncovered on an archaeological dig by Drs. Massimo Pallottino and Lucrezia della Passaglia. Driven by hubris, Dr. Pallottino and his apprentice opened the tomb, and Pallottino identified himself as a fellow priest of Vanth and Charun. He attempted to persuade Larth that he was not his enemy and that Rome was gone. Larth killed the apprentice and was torturing Pallottino when two additional mages arrived, one wearing a Seal of Solomon pendant. Larth concluded that Pallottino had betrayed their gods to the Cult of Mercury and murdered him, before attacking the newcomers.

He was not prepared for the modern Paradox backlash from such vulgar magic, however. The other mage attacked Larth with a mysterious metal wand (actually a .50 Desert Eagle handgun) and injured him further. Larth opened a portal to the Dark Umbra to retreat but was unprepared to face the Sixth Great Maelstrom. He fell through the storm, but was not devoured by Spectres as he anticipated. He now plans to seek out the Pallottino family to learn more about this new age.

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