Lanzo von Sachsen was the Ventrue ambassador of the Fiefs of the Black Cross in the discussion about the course of the Fourth Crusade.


Born into a German family of ancestral nobility, Lanzo saw it as his calling to bring the light of Christianity and Germanic laws into the uncivilized world. His eagerness and prominence brought him to the attention of the German overlord Hardestadt, who ordered his Embrace in order gain instruments to utilize the nascent empire of Otto the Great. At first, Lanzo was repelled by his state, but he came to appreciate the possibility to ensure that the Holy Roman Empire and Christianity would remain supreme in the Western world, safe in the hands of the Ventrue. Since then, he has been Hardestadt's front agent, finding sources of unrest and instability that could sweep over into their domain. Lanzo was a fervent adherent of the crusade, seeing it as a means to weaken the Low Clans and the Saracens in the Levante and Egypt.

His future remains unknown.

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