Written by: Deena McKinney, Jim Moore, Wayne Peacock
Developed by: Ian Lemke
Edited by: Count Rocksha Von Sputnik II
Art Director: Aileen Miles
Layout and Typesetting: Pauline Benney
Interior Art: Theodor Black, John Dollar, Steve Ellis, Michael Gaydos, Jeff Holt, Kostas Kiriakakis, James Stowe, Drew Tucker
Front Cover Art: Tony DiTerlizzi
Front and Back Cover Design: Pauline Benney
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1998
Pages: 152
Publication #: WW07308
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-722-2
Price: $18.00 U.S.

Land of Eight Million Dreams is a supplement for Changeling: The Dreaming which details the hsien or Shinma, the closest analogue to the Kithain in the Middle Kingdom. It was released as part of the Year of the Lotus.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Lost Spirits of the East
In ancient times, the fae of China served as the messengers and servants of the spirit world. In those days, they travelled freely between the realms of spirit and flesh. They were the emissaries of nature, the guardians and protectors of the sacred places. The hsien (known as changelings in the West) are the descendants of beings who were trapped in the realm of flesh during the Mahakala (or the Shattering). Divided by both form and court, the hsien struggle to survive in a world of mortals who have turned their back on the realm of spirit, a world full of other supernatural beings who would destroy them.
Land of Eight Million Dreams features
  • Entirely new Asian kith complete with new Arts and powers;
  • A new setting for established characters to explore or begin a brand-new type of chronicle;
  • Plotlines and storythreads ready for Storytellers to use in telling an Asian chronicle.


Ah Kum Lam: Golden OrchidsEdit

The legend of a hanumen named Ah Kum Lam, who met a tragic end thanks to the vengeance of a fickle suijen.

Introduction: Many Dreamers, Countless DreamsEdit

A brief introduction to the hsien, including a list of their many differences to the Kithain. Also includes a lexicon.

Chapter One: The Duties of the GodsEdit

A history of the hsien and guide to their politics and society.

Chapter Two: The Eight Million DreamsEdit

A description of China as a setting in the World of Darkness.

Chapter Three: Shinma: Spirits of DreamsEdit

Details each of the kwannon-jin, both kamuii and hirayanu, as well as traits common to all Shinma.

Chapter Four: The WayEdit

Detailed character creation.

Chapter Five: Wu TanEdit

Rules for and descriptions of the magic of the hsien, the Wu Tan.

Chapter Six: Setting SystemsEdit

Contains rules systems to support a hsien chronicle, including rules for spirits, other shen, experience point costs, and antagonist Shinma.

Chapter Seven: Honorific Conspiracies, Bountiful AlliancesEdit

Storytelling advice and suggestions, including some story seeds.

Background InformationEdit

Despite being a Changeling title, the hsien are not fae, but minor gods (or spirits) trapped in the material world and employing a method similar to the changeling way to hide in the bodies of mortals. Despite a small number of references to them as fae or changelings (mainly in the introduction and the blurb from the back cover), it is clear that the Shinma bear only a superficial resemblance to western Changelings, which led to a backlash from some Changeling fans.

Published near the end of Changeling's run, Land of Eight Million Dreams is considered one of the harder books to find.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"What do you mean I wasn't invited? How could you overlook someone as wonderfully entertaining as my monkey self?"
Hanumen Kwannon-jin quote



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