Lamia was a descendant and high priestess of Lilith. After her Embrace by Lazarus, she became the founder of a bloodline of the same name that acted as the warrior branch of clan Cappadocian.

She was diablerized by Augustus Giovanni during the purge of the Cappadocians.


Through the ages, the Cult of Lamia remained a guarded secret from tyrants, senators, and kings who ground men's destinies beneath their heels. The ears of the undead hear many things, however, and thus it was that Lazarus of the Cappadocians stole one moonless eve to a hidden temple in which Lamia performed her rites before the statue of the Dark Mother

Lamia's erudition and fervor, and perhaps other qualities, touched something long hidden in the heart of the Graverobber; and so, rising from the shadows he came upon Lamia and bore her down beneath the disapproving eyes of the Dark Mother's ebony statue.

Come the dawn, Lazarus hid within the temple, and upon awakening inducted his new childe into the world of the undead. The beautiful priestess, he decreed, would now spend eternity in contemplation of Death, the Dark Mother from whom no one escapes. Lamia, smiling slightly, agreed to accompany him – but not until she had whispered a few of her own secrets into the ears of her gracious sire. Lazarus, amicable as a sire should be to his childe, stooped and listened.

What she told him, he never recorded. Even the placid Cappadocians, however, find it odd that Lazarus never again spoken to his childe since the night of her Embrace, and indeed finds one pretense or another to avoid her company. When circumstance forces sire and childe into proximity, Lamia glances over at Lazarus smiling and mouths a few inscrutable syllables; and Lazarus' corpse-like visage blanches to an even more pallid hue. Indeed, a few imprudent neonates once whispered has taken up his hermitage only to get away from her.

Lamia was initiated into the Clan of Death by Japheth himself. But she would not serve, save in the way she chose, and her childer ever bore the mark of separation. But even as they remained apart, Lamia's childer kept close by their sire line, acting as warriors and bodyguards to the Cappadocians until the purge orchestrated by the Giovanni

According to the Giovanni, when Lamia herself was diablerized by Augustus Giovanni, she passed on the curse to the Giovanni, which manifested as the Giovanni's extraordinarily painful Kiss.


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