A Lament is the method that a person uses to project their spirit in Orpheus. Unlike Shades, Laments are not tied into a character's personality as much as their state of mind. Those who have multiple near-death experiences or a sense of bravado or purpose are more likely to project than those who do not believe in ghosts or have never brushed against death. Of course, there are extremely rare exceptions to this rule, but most projection firms like the Orpheus Group and Terrel and Squib spend their time and money on those who, in their findings, are more likely to enter into and adapt to the spiritual state.

Types of Laments Edit

There are two types of Laments: projectors and ghosts.

Projector-type Laments include:

  • Skimmers, or those able to force their spirit from their body via meditation or drugs such as pigment.
  • Sleepers, or those who are cryogenically frozen to the point of death, upon which they are kicked out of their bodies until they are revived.

Ghost-type Laments include:

  • Spirits, or those who are simply dead, but hanging around for some reason.
  • Hues, or those who died as a result of or while using pigment. The pigment has a detremental effect on the soul and makes hues weaker overall than spirits.

Changing Laments Edit

A character may change Laments throughout a chronicle because of circumstances. For example, a skimmer who is unable to project for some reason may have to be frozen and become a sleeper. Any projection-type character that dies is very likely to become either a hue or a spirit, depending on whether he dealt with pigment in life or not. And hues, under very rare and hard circumstances, can rid themselves of their taints and become regular spirits. Spirits are the only Lament that can never change to another one.