Lamdiel is a Malkavian methuselah of great power.


I saw. I saw the youth — a boy in his early teens — cast a silver butterfly at a great tower marked with a rose, and the tower falling. I saw myself standing beside my sire Trimeggian as the cast-iron door to his sanctum broke into thousands of scuttling beetles. I saw my sire’s precious books take wing as birds, as the youth stepped through the doorway, blood dripping from his hands. I saw him pick us up — we were no larger than mice — and swallow us whole. I beg my readers to forgive any lapse from scientific objectivity. It was a shattering experience.
  —  Douglas Netchurch

Lamdiel is the progenitor of the lineage of the famous Kindred scholar Dr. Douglas Netchurch. Although he never met him personally, Netchurch himself once saw the methuselah in a creepy vision that manifested in the minds of four of his Thin-Blooded "seers". During the vision, Lamdiel appeared in the guise of a naked youth in his early teens rising from the waters beneath a blood-red moon, and swallowed both Netchurch and his sire Trimeggian whole.

In Clanbook: Malkavian Revised Lamdiel was described as "the sunblind yet allseeing prophet, stalked the baked and lifeless wastes so near to Jerusalem".


Lamdiel is a name of Canaan origin. Canaanite names often consist of two elements: a verb and the name of a deity, in this case אל ('El), the name of the prominent Canaanite god which later became applied to the living God of Israel.

Genealogy Edit

2nd Gen. 


Enoch "The Wise" 
3rd Gen. 


Malkav, "The Moon" 
4th Gen. 


5th Gen. 


6th Gen. 


7th Gen. 


Dr. Douglas Netchurch 
8th Gen. 


Dr. Nancy Reage;



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