Lamdiel is a Malkavian methuselah of great power.


I saw. I saw the youth — a boy in his early teens — cast a silver butterfly at a great tower marked with a rose, and the tower falling. I saw myself standing beside my sire Trimeggian as the cast-iron door to his sanctum broke into thousands of scuttling beetles. I saw my sire’s precious books take wing as birds, as the youth stepped through the doorway, blood dripping from his hands. I saw him pick us up — we were no larger than mice — and swallow us whole. I beg my readers to forgive any lapse from scientific objectivity. It was a shattering experience.
  —  Douglas Netchurch

Lamdiel is the progenitor of the lineage of the famous Kindred scholar Dr. Douglas Netchurch. Although he never met him personally, Netchurch himself once saw the methuselah in a creepy vision that manifested in the minds of four of his Thin-Blooded "seers". During the vision, Lamdiel appeared in the guise of a naked youth in his early teens rising from the waters beneath a blood-red moon, and swallowed both Netchurch and his sire Trimeggian whole. In Clanbook: Malkavian Revised Lamdiel described as "the sunblind yet allseeing prophet, stalked the baked and lifeless wastes so near to Jerusalem".


Hebrew names very often consist of two elements: a verb and the name of a deity, in this case אל ('El), the name of the prominent Canaanite god which later became applied to the living God of Israel.


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