Lamachis the Devourer, also known as Lachesis the Devourer, was one of the most active Onceborn Malfeans known. Taking the form of an ancient crone with a giant pair of scissors, Lamachis alleged to be the true Lady of Fate and the one who ultimately controls the threads of Fate in a manner similar to the legendary Three Fates of Greek mythology.

Lamachis was the most mobile of the Malfeans, able to traverse the Shadowlands freely. She had brought suffering to countless Necropoli and settlements through extensive use of Lifeweb, Fatalism, and her Spectral armies.

She also had a long running feud with Zyras, but all of this fell to the wayside when the Sixth Great Maelstrom rose through the Tempest, bringing the presence of Grandmother with it. Lamachis seemed to know from the beginning that Grandmother was the real danger, putting her forces into action soon after recovering from the storm. She sent lackeys to possess a famous botanist, Amours Katlilian, in order to create the drug Pigment and made a deal with convict-turned-Flatliner Uriah Bishop. What unknown plans she had failed miserably when Grandmother took control of her lackey, Katlilian, and the production of Pigment.

As Grandmother's forces continued to grow more powerful, Lamachis was forced to be became an ally of sorts of Zyras and the other surviving Onceborn Malfeans, as well as with Lazarus Redux in the Skinlands. At the same time, she and the other Onceborns tried to keep the Neverborns from gaining too much power. When she was last seen, her forces were crumbling (as were many of the other Malfean forces), and it looked like the only hope was her living allies.

Background Information Edit

Lamachis' name is similar to that of Lachesis, the Fate responsible for spinning the strands of people's lives. However it was Atropos who cut the threads, and thus possessed the scissors.


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