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Lair of the Hidden is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade. The book is a part of the Time of Judgment and is about the Inconnu, the hidden sect of Kindred with their own agenda in the Final Nights and their sinister leaders, the Twelve.


From the White Wolf catalog:

High in the Romanian Mountains
Hidden from time and prying mortal eyes, Hunedoara Castle lurks amid the mists of the Carpathians. Home to a cabal of scheming Inconnu, the castle is the site of hideous rites. Who do these terrible rituals empower? Or, worse, who might they protect? Secrets revealed -- Lair of the Hidden is a setting sourcebook and chronicle that examines the plans of a forgotten cult of Inconnu. It covers the cults aims and goals, as well as presenting a terrifying haven of powerful elders for players characters to explore -- should they dare.
Lair of the Hidden includes:
  • A horror tale that winds through the catacombs of a Carpathian castle
  • Information on the elusive Inconnu
  • A chance to support of befoul the plans of elder Kindred that involve the coming of Gehenna


Introduction: The House of Secrets

An overview of what to expect from the book, including a summary of chapters, themes, and inspirations.

Chapter One: Foundations of Blood and Stone

The history of Hunedoara Castle, from its first version in the 13th century CE to its current occupation by the Inconnu. This is followed by the origins and history of the Inconnu into the Modern Nights, including who called Hunedoara home, and details on the Pact of Nikanuuranu.

Chapter Two: Within the Walls

A tour of Hunedoara Castle from the outer walls to its deepest inner chambers, including the havens of the Twelve who call Hunedoara home.

Chapter Three: Multiple Personalities

Full details on the Twelve and those who follow them.

Chapter Four: The Roads to Hunedoara

Information and advice on creating stories revolving around Hunedoara, the Inconnu, and the Twelve. It includes several detailed sample plots for chronicles.

Appendix: Powers of the Elders

Special Discipline powers used by the Twelve, Combination Disciplines, Rituals, and details of the Pact and the relationships between the Twelve.

Background Information


Memorable Quotes



The Twelve


Cappadocian, Council of Twelve, Gehenna (event), Hunedoara Castle, Inconnu, Pact of Nikanuuranu, Salubri

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