Ladislav Ciorbea



Final Death:





Blaise Carême



Ladislav Ciorbea was a debauched Tzimisce of New York, and maybe the only childe of the Priscus Blaise Carême.


Ciorbea had been a footnote in New York's history until his sire left the city in 1953. After that event, he immediately began to use Carême's influence to attain a position as Bishop, but was frustrated in this endeavor by Archbishop Polonia.

His excesses made him the target of scorn and ridicule among the local Sabbat, by whom he was dubbed the Rasputin of Cainites - he tried to make every vampire in the city drink his blood as part of some "Grand Vaulderie", and one time he claimed all Cainites of NYC were part of his Church, proclaiming himself Priest of the pack of New York.

Some suggest that Ladislav was syphilitic before his embrace, and the transition to undeath preserved that condition which affected his mind. He displayed psychotic behavior to the extent he openly embraced children, eaten flesh and stripped the muscle from his bones in order to disquiet others.

At the start of the Third Sabbat Civil War, Ladislav openly threw in with the Brujah antitribu in their coup, but when they tried to reconcile, he pushed the 'Quo to declare them all heretics and burn them at the stake. During the Civil Wars period he also tried (unsuccessfully) to bring the Anarchs into the sect.

According to rumors, he was destroyed by a Lupine attack, although some whisper that Polonia and Turlev simply had enough of the rogue and laid waste to him. It's also possible that the departed Priscus Carême left his addled childe behind as an agent provocateur.

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