The Ladies of Fate are the Deathlords in charge of the Legion of Fate and the servants of the Lady of Fate. Although the Ladies of Fate speak as the representatives of their Legion, there is little doubt that the true leader of the Legion of Fate is the fabled Lady.


The Ladies of Fate are known for their appearance; they appear in identical forms, to prevent outsiders from taking advantage of a single member. Many note that they bear a strong resemblance to their leader, leading to rumors that the actual Lady of Fate has fallen into Oblivion and that they take turns impersonating her. Some dispute that the Ladies are even Moliated; instead they believe the Ladies to be a form of Plasmic. Others, those who do not trust the Lady of Fate at all, believe the Ladies to be straightforward Spectres, tricking the wraiths in the Legion into working for Oblivion.

Ladies can speak individually, on behalf of the Legion, but more often gather into groups to discuss their course of action. The exact number of Ladies is unknowable, both due to their replicated forms and the fact they remain aloof from everyone, including members of their own Legion. There is generally agreed to be at least three Ladies of Fate at any given time, though more have been spotted.

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