Labor Day is a traditional household celebration of the Boggans.

Overview Edit

Boggans have been deeply involved in the labor movement long since before it had a proper name, and were delighted when Oregon recognized a public holiday in its honor in 1887. It is a tradition in Kithain territories with sizable boggan communities to crib the mortal practice of holding a celebratory parade. Boggans organize by vocation and make floats, competing to have the most crowd-pleasing entries.

There are baker floats, which give out free samples as they go by. There are carpentry floats, which are masterpieces of engraved and inlaid patterns and always nice enough to help out with the bases for the other floats. There are basket-weaving floats, plumbing floats, and electronics repair floats, all as elaborate as crafty boggans can make them, and often enchanted. There are marching bands of maids that dance with their brooms and leave the street spotless in their wake.

Some boggans enjoy celebrating a subtler interpretation of Labor Day and take it as a day of rest, directly enjoying the fruits of their labors among unions. They strictly do not permit themselves to perform any work. This often proves surprisingly challenging, but is generally regarded as a refreshing change and leaves one raring to go the next day.

References Edit

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