Kurt Thompkins is an Ojo Eshu Wilder and Riddle Master at The Fool's Gambit.

Overview Edit

Kurt Thompkins

Kurt became obsessed with puzzles at a very early age. First the Rubix Cube then crossword puzzles. But those games began to bore him before too long so he turned to mystery novels; attempting to puzzle out the truth before the detectives. His parents were proud of his intelligence but worried about how introverted he had become; he was more comfortable with his puzzles and mysteries than with real people.

His Chrysalis came a little later in life. He was attending the University of Colorado studying archaeology; having grown bored with ordinary puzzles he wanted to unlock the puzzles of the past. He was part of a dig in Egypt when he found himself drawn into an unopened tomb. Inside the walls sparkled and lights danced. There was a flash and he awoke outside once more and somehow changed.

Another of the Elegbara chanced upon him (as they do) and took it upon himself to teach Kurt the ways of the Kithain. He was intrigued by the young man's love of puzzles and told him of the riddle contest held in Boston every year. A year after his Chrysalis Kurt traveled to Boston to watch the Riddle Contest. From that day on he made a point of returning every year and within two years of joining the ranks of the riddlers, he was crowned the Riddle Master and has retained the title for the past three years.

Image Edit

Dark-skinned and slender, Kurt is about 6' tall. There isn't much difference between his mortal seeming and fae mien, except for the eyes. When seen by the fae his eyes are a deep midnight blue and seem to stare through everything. He is always looking around; his eyes don't settle on anything unless it is a puzzle.

Personal Edit

Everything is a puzzle. He speaks only infrequently and many are surprised to hear the deep bass voice that emerges from such a slender form. He is somber and thoughtful... and only rarely laughs.

References Edit

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