Kurru was a Gangrel Methuselah who dwelt in Africa more than a thousand years before the birth of the prophet Jesus.


He was one of the god-kings who ruled the Nubian Empire fourteen centuries before Christ. He and his fellows enjoyed hunting African animals and, occasionally, African shapeshifters from the nights of old.

When the Nubian empire was overcome by Setite influence in 1290 BCE, Kurru and other Cainites were driven into the wastelands of the Sahara. By the time of his escape, Kurru found a dying ghoul named Shabaqo, who had fought the Followers of Set to the end.

He rewarded the mortal with the Embrace, and took him to the desert where he instructed his new childe into the world of Cainites. Eventually, Shabaqo left the company of his sire and never heard from Kurru again.


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