Kumoti is one of the three aspects of the Ananasi. The Kumoti aspect produces werespiders attuned with the Wyld.


Creative and dynamic, Kumoti emulate the Wyld as it should be, rather than as it is. Through subtle changes and manipulations, they fight stagnation and entropy, encouraging growth and development where it might not otherwise flourish. Some claim the Kumoti are more chaotic than calculating, but to the Wyld-born, any change carries with it the potential for transition in the right direction to achieve the Great Mother's goals.


Aspect Gifts

• Inspire (Level One)
• Mother's Touch (Level One)
• Arachnophobia (Level Two)
• Insight of the Mother (Level Two)
• Alter Lilian (Level Three)
• Sense Motion (Level Three)
• Mindblock (Level Four)
• Assimilation (Level Five)


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