The Kumatai are one of the few splinter-groups of the Ananasi, they are a collection of independents and heretics and some are even self-proclaimed divinities.


The Kumatai have turned their back to their Queen Ananasa and let themselves be worshipped by humans who regard the Ananasi as Spirits of wisdom and divinity that are send to teach them. In isolated areas, local spider-cults can make up a perfect haven for a rogue Kumatai. The mystery of the Kumatai is occurring throughout India and on into the Middle East, and even into parts of North Africa — and on rare occasion, in the lands of the The Americas — without obvious pattern or purpose. They are not initially violent in their convictions as are the Kumo, but to convert them back to the service of Ananasa. This ailment is puzzling, and there are even records of Ananasi going to speak with these misguided creatures to help them back, only to have the second Ananasi falling under the same spell.


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